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I was born and raised in Connecticut (USA), and ever since I was a young boy, my parents would tell me that I never stopped asking the question, "Why?". Between that, combined with my total infatuation with the book The Magic School Bus: Journey Through The Human Body, they just knew that one way or another that I would eventually find my way to the healthcare field. 


Eventually, I developed an insatiable appetite for understanding how the body works. I wondered what separated a professional or Olympic athlete from a recreational warrior. What is the difference between a genius and an individual of average intelligence? How can a neurological disorder cause a person to change the way they interact with the world, and more importantly, are we able to re-train their brain to perform better? If so, could we also improve brain function for performance optimization? The possibilities may be endless!!

Dr. Matthew Antnoucci


As a full-time physician, my team and I assess and treat patients from around the world, with some of the most complex neurological conditions.


One of my greatest passions is taking seemingly complex topics, like neuroscience, and making it easy to understand, then translating it to patient care.


Translating new discoveries into clinical applications, then proving their efficacy allows the development of a new  brain rehabilitation paradigm.