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April 8, 2017

We observed that there was strong statistical and substantive significant improvement in all outcome measures for post concussion syndrome patients undergoing EHMT. There were no reported or observed negative consequences or worsening of symptoms. Therefore, we concluded that the addition of EHMT to a post concussion treatment paradigm may demonstrate statistically significant changes in outcome measures and is a low cost, safe...

December 16, 2015

This 24 year-old professional hockey player presented to Plasticity Brain Centers after sustaining two head injuries while playing hockey. His primary complaints were anxiety, difficulty with concentration, and balance issues. 

Dr. Antonucci performed an examination and observed an abnormal vestibular-ocular tilt reflex, a 29 beat-per-minute increase in heart rate from a laying position to standing. This heart rate accelerat...

October 13, 2013

Background: Off vertical axis and multiplane whole body vestibular rotational therapy has received great attention by major network television and press subsequent to its utilization in the treatment of sports concussions and other traumatic brain injuries that result in neurological challenges to balance and gait. We desired to test the therapy in isolation from other therapies customarily used in a brain and vestibular rehabil...

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