Immediate Resolution of a Professional Hockey Player's Concussion-Like Symptoms

A 20 year-old male, professional hockey player presented for examination with complaints of headache, fogginess, fatigue, instability, and decreased performance in his sport. He denied vertigo or lightheadedness. Upon physical examination, he did not have resting nystagmus or positional nystagmus. His gait mechanics were aberrant with a subtle left lateral-deviation and adduction of his left arm during the mid-swing phase of gait.

A novel implementation of an extended, modified Lampert (BBQ) maneuver was performed by combining successive rightward rotational head thrusts and leftward optokinetic stimulus, as the BBQ maneuver was performed.

Following this intervention, the patient reported an immediate resolution of his symptoms and gait. It is important to realize that maneuvers for positional vertigo and peripheral vestibular pathology can have a central effect on gait, cognition, blood flow, and balance.

Antonucci M, Sass Cm, Sass Bj, Barton DA 2015). A Case of A Professional Hockey Player With Concussion-Like Symptoms And Aberrant Gait Mechanics Immediatey Resolved By A Modifed Lamper (BBQ) Maneuver. Front. Neurol. Conference Abstract: International Symposium On Clinical Neuroscience: Tbi And Neurodegeneration. Doi:10.3389/Conf.Fneur.2015.58.00041

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