Improvements in a High School Football Player with Multiple Concussions

This 20 year-old male, former high school football player sustained 3 documented concussions, and had persistent symptoms including fogginess, sluggishness, light sensitivity, blurred vision, head pressure, and headache for 2 years prior to his assessment. A complete physical examination, and cognitive assessment was performed and revealed a mild cognitive deficits, and significant impairments in his vestibular-ocular response (VOR).

This individual was treated for 5 days by Dr. Antonucci and his team at Plasticity Brain Centers, with a individualized rehabilitation program consisting of non-invasive neuromodulation, physiotherapy, vestibular rehabilitation, off-vertical axis rotation, and orthoptic (eye) exercises.

After 5 days of treatment, he experienced a 77.4% reduction in his symptoms, and a 400% improvement in his vestibular-ocular response (VOR)

Antonucci MM, Sass CM, Sass BJ (2015). Abstract: Improvement In Symptoms And Cognitive Performance In A High School Football Player With Multiple Concussions. Front. Neurol. Conference Abstract: International Symposium On Clinical Neuroscience: TBI and Neurodegeneration. Doi:10.3389/Conf.Fneur.2015.58.00051

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