Pre-Post Treatment Outcomes in 70 Post-Concussive Patients

New Orleans, LA - My mentor, Dr. Ted Carrick just returned from the 12th World Congress on Brain Injury in New Orleans, LA, where he presented our research poster on 70 previous patients with post-concussion syndrome.

A quick search of Google, Wikipedia, or PubMed will reveal that concussions are largely associated with decreases in postural stability, cognition, emotional control, reaction time, as well as vestibular function. We feel that vestibular function, spatial orientation, head-neck movement, and eye control is foundational for all higher brain function, and can be a factor in the symptoms associate with post-concussion syndrome.

We designed a pre-post treatment intervention study with 70 subjects that had disabling post-concussion syndrome, who were treated under our care, for 5 days of intensive, customized eye-head movement training (EHMT). We wanted to determine whether or not EMHT might result in decreased symptom burden, changes in psychomotor speed, visual attention, balance, executive function, and reaction time.

Our interventions consisted of an assessment using C3Logix (Cleveland Clinic), which consists of 7 assessment modules including Trail Making Test, Balance Error Scoring, Processing Speed, Reaction Time, the Standardized Assessment of Concussion, and a Graded Symptom Checklist. Once assessed, subjects were instructed in EHMT utilizing vestibular activation and gaze stabilization techniques, as well as combinations of slow and fast eye movements.

We observed that there was statistically significant and substantial improvement in all outcome measures, for post concussion syndrome patients undergoing EHMT. There were no reported or observed negative consequences, or worsening of symptoms.

Therefore, we concluded that the addition of EHMT to a post concussion treatment paradigm may demonstrate statistically significant changes in outcome measures and is a low cost, safe, and effective complement to standard treatment. More investigation EHMT in post-concussion patients is warranted.

To read the abstract from the conference proceedings, please see:

Carrick, F.R. Antonucci, M.M. Pagnacco, G. Ogerro, E. (2017, April). Decreased Symptoms and Increased Function in Post Concussion Syndrome Patients after Coordinated Eye-Head Movement Therapy​. Poster presented at the 12th World Congress on Brain Injury. New Orleans, LA, USA. Abstract retrieved from ; pp.316.

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