2017 International Federation of Sports Chiropractors Symposium

Washington DC - On Thursday, I had the privilege of speaking at the annual FICS symposium. I say it was a privilege because this is truly an impressive group of chiropractors. In one of the poster presentations they discussed a job analysis of their memebership, and over 70% of the group currently or has worked with one or more Olympic athlete.

My presentation was on Chiropractic's Role in Rest-Resistant Concussion Management. While this group is largely mechanistic (meaning they utilize chiropractic to affect the biomechanics, and musculoskeletal system of athletes), they really appreciated how a neurological perspective opens another portal to help improve their athletes' performance.

My 90-minute workshop focused briefly on the pathophysiology of concussion, and mostly on how to assess and develop rehabilitation strategies to help someone who has sustained a concussion, and is not getting well.

There were a number of research presentations that I really found interesting. One doctor performed a study of concussion knowledge in last-year medical students and chiropractors, compared them to last-year medical residents and last-year chiropractic interns, and compared both of them to GPs and Chiropractors. They then performed a follow-up study using the same assessment and compared medical neurologists and sports-chiropractors. It was fascinating to learn how little is taught about concussion in both chiropractic school and medical school, and how much is learned "in the field".

The evening before my presentation, I was invited to the FICS Executive Dinner, where I met up with some friends that I haven't seen in a while, abd was introduced to some new friends from around the world: Australia, South Africa, Kenya, Peru, Switzerland, and more.

It was an incredible event, and I will certainly be attending next year.

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