Washington DC - What would your answer be if someone asked you, "Should the chiropractic profession embrace a biopsychosocialist, neurological, or vitalistic approach?" Don't worry, I had to think about that one too, when it was asked to me.

On Thursday, at the WFC/ACA/ACC-RAC, I was asked to deliver the perspective of the neurologist. But how do you separate neurology from biomechanics, psychology, sociology, and vitalism. Neurology is the bridge between all of those concepts. So that's what I shared; how the brain and nervous exists solely to perceive the environment, interpret and assign meaning to it, and produce motor commands to allow us to survive and move efficiently and purposely through that environment. But what's more important is that the brain's role doesn't stop there. Each ingeraction with the environment, or external stimulus influences our next interaction.

So at what point does chiropractic influence that cycle? The answer is at each point.

In the end, it's my opinion that there isn't a neurological, vitalistic, mechanistic, OR biopsychosocial basis of chiropractic. There is just... chiropractic.

I am very thankful for the opportunity to have shared my perspective with the attendees of DC2017. I can only help the opportunity might present itself again.

It was also great to see some old friends, and meet some new ones...

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